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Wabash River Trail

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Bunnell Land Surveying located five bridges that were installed along the Wabash River Trail between Wabash and Peru, Indiana.  Among the bridges installed, one bridge spans the historic Kerr Lock, part of the Wabash and Erie Canal.  This bridge was constructed on the original foundation of a railroad bridge owned by the inter-urban railroad, previously the Union Traction Company, approximately 100 feet to the East of Kerr Lock.

Bunnell Land Surveying has been coordinating closely with Amy Ford and the Wabash River Trail project staff throughout the project.  The Wabash River Trail is an ongoing project currently working with landowners.  The project started in 2015 and extended the trail east from Paradise Springs Historical Park in Wabash through the town of Lagro.  Construction on the Wabash River Trail began in August of 2016.  The long-term project plan is to extend the Wabash River Trail east to the town of Huntington.

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