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Topographic Surveys

Common Services Include:

Base Maps for Engineering Projects

Bunnell Land Surveying provides a Topographic Survey base drawing and surface in a CIVIL 3D format for Civil site design, Architectural design, and Site Construction.  The Topographic Survey base drawing uses both the ACAD surface for dirt work and the surface and subsurface drainage functions.  These surveys can also be used for various permitting requirements to complete your building project.

Topographic Survey Plat

BLS also provides detailed drawings to accompany the Topographic Survey Base Map showing culvert pipes, headwalls, slope walls, marked underground utilities, and other applicable above ground utilities and structures.

Variable Grid Layout

A standard 50' or 100' grid is utilized in typical topographic surveys unless otherwise specified.  We pride ourselves in working closely with the client and the engineer to provide the most efficient surveying services while maintaining top quality horizontal and vertical data.

Utility Information

Although Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service (IUPPS) or Indiana 811 is a free utility location service, private utility location services may be well worth the investment to the client in order to ensure comprehensive utility location.

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