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Site Design & Development

Common Services Include:

Construction Staking

Wood hubs, wood lath, and bright colored flagging are often the first signs of construction plans becoming an on-site reality.  Bunnell Land Surveying provides fast and efficieint construction staking with the highest degree of accuracy to lay the groundwork for a quality build.

Bunnell Land Surveying provides construction staking for various projects including:

  • residential houses

  • commercial buildings

  • large farm buildings (CAFO)

  • biking and hiking trails

  • road construction

  • railroad construction

Subdivision Design

Bunnell Land Surveying can help guide and direct clients through their local subdivision control ordinances, rules, and regulations to meet the required time frames.  BLS can help meet the developer's subdivision design needs with the goal of a balanced site through engineering design.

Collaborative Design

We work closely with other professional civil engineering and architectural design firms to ensure a comprehensive, quality product.


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